Using Vocal Exercises Before Recording a Podcast

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Why you should always warm up your voice

A lot of actors and acting coaches do quite a bit of teaching for journalists. Acting coaches will definitely tell you to do warm-up exercises for your voice. Most of us probably never bother with it; we don’t get around to doing it or are just too lazy.

But if you go on camera or on air and you haven’t really said much that day, you’re probably going to sound like you have a cold. A guy I used to work with at Sky – one of the more senior presenters – 15 or 20 minutes before we go on air together, I’d be sitting close to him hearing him go “Ooooh-ahhhhh-ahhhh…”

And you know, the tip of the tongue and the teeth and the lips, these sorts of things. Vocal exercises to warm up your vocal cords and to get your mouth working.

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