High Quality Video Podcast Production Services

Welcome to our premier video podcast production services. Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or just started you video creation journey, our high-end recording environments are designed to meet your highest standards. With a strong commitment to high-quality video podcast production, we provide the professional setting you need to create exceptional content. At Premiere podcast Studios, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your podcasting goals with the best video podcast production.

What kinds of video production services do we offer?

Our video podcast production services are designed to cater to your diverse needs. We provide two versatile setups: the intimate fireside arrangement for two, or the spacious desk setup accommodating up to four individuals. These setups are adaptable, making them ideal for various podcasting genres. Alongside these options, our high-end video cameras guarantee a level of high-quality video production that sets us apart in the realm of video podcast production services. At Premiere Podcast Studios, we aim to deliver top tier video podcast production, ensuring your content meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Why use our video podcast production services?

We are committed to delivering impeccable video podcast production services, offering a meticulously professional recording environment. Our studio boasts three high-end cameras, along with advanced studio lighting and a soundproof, fully air-conditioned space, this is not your everyday home setup. We go the extra mile by creating video and audio backups, guaranteeing the safety and preservation of your content. This dedication to excellence has attracted established YouTube creators, such as Focus On Film and Explained By Dom, who have used our podcasting studio for high-quality video podcast production.

Where are our video Podcast Production Studios located?

Our video podcast production studios are situated in Shoreditch, East London, offering convenient accessibility to a range of transportation options. Located just 5 minutes from both Liverpool Street and Old Street, our studios are easily reached by those arriving from various parts of London. If you arrive from Shoreditch highstreet or Moorgate area, it’s a short 10-minute walk to our facilities. Our proximity to Liverpool Street also provides international access, with direct connections to Heathrow and Stansted airports via the Elizabeth line and the overground. At Premiere Podcast Studios, were ideally located to serve both local and international clients, making us the perfect choice for video podcast production needs.

What video production equipment is available at Premiere Podcast Studios?

Our video podcast production studios, nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, East London, offer a host of cutting-edge equipment to elevate your podcasting experience. We have three high-quality video cameras, ensuring exceptional visual quality.

We also provide an array of audio equipment, featuring the Rode NT2-A multi-pattern condenser mic and three Shure MV7 dynamic mics, enabling clear and professional sound. The Rodecaster Pro sound mixing/production panel further enhances audio production.

To create a conducive recording atmosphere, we furnish the studios with four pairs of AKG closed-back headphones, alongside professional lighting and sound reduction equipment. And, for multichannel sessions, we offer an iMac upon request. At Premiere Podcast Studios, we’re committed to delivering top-tier video podcast production services, equipped with the latest technology to bring your vision to life.

Do we offer remote recording video production services?

At Premiere Podcast Studios, we offer flexible tech solutions to facilitate remote external recording. Whether you’re conducting in-studio sessions with some guests present and others joining remotely, we have the capability to manage it seamlessly. We leverage platforms like Zoom and Riverside, which enable us to bridge the gap between in-studio and remote guests. Our expert team ensures a smooth, high-quality recording experience, whether your guests are physically present or joining from a distance. This versatility in tech platforms empowers us to accommodate your podcasting needs, providing convenience and excellence in all your recording endeavours.

How much do our video production services cost?

Our video production services cost £150 per hour. More information around pricing can be found HERE.