Rodecaster Pro Review: Powerful Sound Mixing for Your Podcast

Guess who’s back! This is Adam K from One World Radio, here to review the Rodecaster Pro for all your podcasting needs. I recently wrote about my experience with the Rode NT2-A microphone and why it’s the best mic out there for podcasting. Just as I’ve used the Rode NT2-A extensively for audio recording, I’ve used the Rodecaster Pro quite a bit for sound mixing and production and I’m excited to review it for Premiere Podcast Studios.

You can trust my expertise, as I’ve used plenty of studio tech over the years at BBC Radio 1, Capital London, and more. Now I’m ready to share my experience with the Rodecaster Pro! I’ll start off by saying that you don’t really want to buy brand-new, advanced tech like this without knowing what it can do – but personally, I couldn’t resist something that promised such effective audio problem-solving straight out of the box.

And good thing too, because the Rodecaster Pro is worth the investment. Of course, the great thing about booking a podcast studio is that you don’t have to splash out for equipment! Book a session at Premiere Podcast Studios today and enjoy access to the Rodecaster Pro and much more.

What Is the Rodecaster Pro?

The Rodecaster Pro is an all-in-one, 4 XLR console for your studio microphone(s). It not only streamlines your production process, but is made of lightweight, quality materials. Its ergonomic faders and buttons last a very long time. I haven’t had to replace any parts on my Rodecaster Pro in over five years of consistent use.

I have used the full-color LCD touchscreen a lot and its functionality is (and always has been) highly accurate. The Mic faders are lightweight yet robust for recording and have a Bluetooth connectivity fader. It’s also incredibly convenient to grab a clip from social media and record it straight into my DAW (digital audio workstation), then have it ready to use in my recording.

Without a doubt, the Rodecaster Pro is a pro-studio tool. It’s currently on the market for just under £500, which is a bargain considering how much it can do.

A Rodecaster Pro with various sliders and colourful buttons sits on a wooden table.

Key Features of the Rodecaster Pro

  • 4 XLR Studio Outputs – Allows 4 independent microphones for multitrack recording and separate channel editing
  • High-Pass Filter – Reduces the effects of low rumble
  • De-Esser – Reduces sibilance and other high frequencies
  • Noise Gate – Controls the volume of an audio signal
  • Ducking – Automatically lowers the volume of output underneath speech (e.g., background noise)
  • Aural Exciter & Big Bottom – EQ presets that change the tone of your voice
  • Compressor – Levels the overall volume

The multitrack recording setup makes it easy to edit your podcast in post-production. Even if you’re talking over each other, you’ll be able to edit the audio in separate channels in Adobe Audition (or your software of choice)! As for the recording itself, the Rodecaster Pro not only works with live recordings, but also video conference recording via Zoom or your video software of choice.

Processing is also super simple. Pop on your AKG closed-back headphones and decide if you sound better with the functions displayed on the LCD touchscreen. They are all accessible at the touch of a button, making moving through menus an easy and enjoyable process – a rare experience with consoles like this.

The Rodecaster Pro also features eight effects pads which you can customise to your liking. To be transparent, I love the colourful sound pads as a visual thing, but I have not used them in podcast recording – I’ve always added sound effects in post-production. You can also use the USB computer interface and play sounds from your laptop.

For further assistance, you can get the Rodecaster Pro companion app on Mac and Windows. However, if you have Adobe or a similar DAW, you most likely have your trusted plugins already. Rode also conveniently sends you firmware updates about the Rodecaster Pro and its other tools. Some of the latest features include: 

  • MIDI Control – Control the faders in your DAW or the scenes within your streaming software with the Rodecaster Pro via MIDI
  • New Sound Pad Modes – Including ‘Swear Button’ and ‘Trash-Talk’ mode

The Professional Tool for Podcasting

The Rodecaster Pro is one of the most versatile, highest-quality production tools out there. If you’re recording and editing audio for a podcast, you couldn’t do better than the Rodecaster Pro to help you on your way.

The only downside is that if you want a portable unit, the Rodecaster Pro may not be for you. It needs a direct power source and will not run off the USB from your laptop. And in terms of overall abilities, the only tool that currently competes with this production powerhouse is… the Rodecaster Pro II. Before you ask if the second edition is worth the expensive upgrade, the answer is no at the moment – but that’s for another article. It’s time to wrap this one up!

Rodecaster Pro ⭐ Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5.

If you’re looking to try the Rodecaster Pro without fully committing, Premiere Podcast Studios is the place to be. Book a session today and see what all the hype is about!

Rodecaster Pro Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Rode
Weight: 1980 Grams
Dimensions (cm): 35 x 27.5 x 8.2
Bit Depth: 24 bit
Samples Rates: 48khz
Microphone Channels: 4
Stereo Channels: 1
Signal Processing: Digital
Power Mixer: No
Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
19″-capable: No
Phantom Power: Yes
Integrated Power Adapter: Yes
USB Input: Yes
USB Output: Yes
Talkback: No
Integrated Audio Interface: Yes
Parametric Mid EQ: No
RJ45 Interface / Network: No
APP Control Possible: Yes

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