How to Promote a Podcast

Art, history, relationships, mental health, true crime, money, business, sports — there’s a podcast available for almost every topic. With more people now than ever tuning into podcasts, there’s never been a better time to launch.

If you’re ready to publish your first podcast, diving straight in can be tempting! But before you do, learning how to promote a podcast can help you maximise potential and brand awareness. 

Whether you’re hoping to learn how to promote a new podcast or want to understand the best way to promote a podcast that’s been live for a while, here are steps to get you started.

1. Launch with multiple episodes

If you’re looking for tips on how to promote a new podcast, you’re in the right place. Whilst you may have initially thought to launch with just one episode, we recommend launching with at least three.

By publishing at least three episodes to start with, you’ll give your listeners a flavour of what they can expect from your podcast, which can entice them and keep them coming back.

2. Create a user-friendly website

Hoping to build a credible reputation as a podcaster? Creating a visually appealing website that is easily accessible can help you. After all, the easier it is for listeners to find what they are looking for, the more likely they are to return and recommend your podcast. 

On that note, podcast promotion can also include encouraging your listeners to share links to specific pages with their friends and family members. So don’t be afraid to include call-to-actions to encourage them. 

3. Focus on your audience’s preferred social media

Social media channels can boost podcast promotion opportunities. But before you start posting, consider your audience’s preferences. If your podcast is aimed at Gen Z, TikTok is the place to be. Hoping to reach Millennials? Promoting your podcast on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn will give you the best chance of success. 

Once you know where your audience is, you can develop a social media strategy to increase brand awareness.

4. Try filming your podcast and cutting up the clips

Initially, podcasts were published as audio content. Nowadays, most podcasters create audio and video versions of their podcasts to increase reach, cater to audience preferences and strengthen their chances of going viral.

Filming your podcast might not have initially crossed your mind, but many people find watching a podcast compelling, meaning they’re more likely to stay tuned. 

Filming your podcast also offers additional promotional opportunities. For example, you could publish an entire episode on YouTube. You could also crop the video into short snippets to promote on social media. 

5. Transcribe your audio and expand on key topics

Creating audio and video versions of your podcast gives your audience something to listen to and watch. But with more than three-quarters of internet users reading blogs, you could be missing out if you don’t consider written channels in your promotional strategy. 

By transcribing your audio podcast, you’ll have the foundations for blogs and social media posts for each episode. Expanding on these, adding research and highlighting key topics can all boost your podcast promotion, especially if you take advantage of search-optimised content. 

6. Have guests on your podcast – and be a guest yourself!

Another great way to promote your podcast is by inviting others to be guests. Having a guest creates more exciting and dynamic content, such as a flowing conversation and different thoughts and perspectives. Inviting a guest to join you for an episode also helps you broaden your reach. 

Alternatively, you might like to feature as a guest on someone else’s podcast. In doing so, you can share your thoughts with a different audience, which can help you promote your podcast and obtain new listeners of your own. 

7. Contribute to relevant online communities

Did you know that contributing to relevant online communities can increase your reputation and credibility, not to mention the size of your audience?

Social media threads and discussion forums, such as Reddit, are a great place to start. You may also like to guest blog for websites and online news outlets relevant to your podcast topic. After all, the more you get your name out there, the better your chances of promoting your podcast. 

8. Run exciting giveaways and contests

Podcast listeners and social media users love giveaways and contests. So, if you’re thinking about the best way to promote a podcast, why not leverage this opportunity? 

On social media, running a giveaway could include encouraging followers to complete activities, such as: 

  • Sharing a specific post to their stories.
  • Tagging five friends in a comment.
  • Asking five people to follow your account.

Out of those who participate, you can select a winner at random.

For the best chance of podcast promotion, make sure you have a prize that’ll interest your followers. 

9. Consider paid ads on search, social and other podcasts

If you find that posting on social media, writing blogs, and promoting your podcast via organic outlets doesn’t do the job, you could try paid ads.

When used on Instagram, for example, paid ads guarantee reach by positioning content in the feeds of your target audience. Likewise, using paid ads on Google will see those using specific search terms more likely to come across your website and podcast.

10. Keep leveraging your existing assets

Podcast promotion doesn’t need to be complicated. Although creating new content is recommended, repurposing old content is just as beneficial. 

Not only does repurposing content enable you to promote earlier podcast episodes to new followers, but it can also remind existing followers of thoughts and ideas you’ve previously shared.

With an understanding of how to promote a podcast, you’ll likely be ready to get started. If you’re looking for a studio to record audio and video podcasts, we’ve got you covered. 

At Premiere Podcast Studios, you can rent our Shoreditch studios at a time that suits you best. We’ll also provide an onsite producer and any support you may need when recording. Book today.

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