AMEN – Acronym for Interviews

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There’s an acronym that is quite useful for media training. It’s Amen. It stands for audience, message, examples and negatives. So anyone who’s coming on as a guest can kind of stick to those four principles. So audience – know who the audience is. What do they want? What do they need to hear? Why are you there? To whom are you broadcasting your very important message?


Before you go into an interview, especially if it’s a short one, you want to have two or three key messages in your head that you’d like to get across. You might not get all of them across – maybe just two of them. But that’s the direction you’ll need to steer it in, as an interviewee. Even if you’re not asked the right question, you need to be able to include it in your message, if you feel it’s important to you, because you might never be asked the right question. So you’ve got to get on with it.


Examples are what brings all of this to life. And that’s almost the most important thing: examples for the audience. Paint pictures, tell stories, anecdotes – people need to be able to imagine it in their minds. So you need to try and paint that picture and guide them through that.


And then the negatives. Just that you might want to pre prepare any difficult questions you might be asked. Think: what are my vulnerabilities here? What are the difficult things or the awkward questions I might be asked? Have an answer prepared for those and you should be good.

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